Did your child’s name make the ‘top bogan baby names’ of 2019 list?

First of all, apologies to any Aussie parents who have kids with the following names, because, well… it turns out you’re a fair-dinkum bogan!

The most bogan names for baby boys and girls born in 2019 have been revealed, with some mind-boggling options making the list.

Author Sabrina Rogers-Anderson compiled the “fresh batch of bogan gems” and wrote about her findings on Kidspot.


“I promise you there are real-life babies with these names hanging over their heads,” she says.

So, without further ado, here they are… The most bogan baby names of the year!

Top 10 Bogan girls names:

1 Anomaly

2 Antwohnette

3 Charmayanne

4 Panda

5 Sianna-Marrie

6 Snowdrop

7 Starlette

8 Velvette

9 Vin’nyla

10 Windy

Top 10 Bogan boys names:

1 Brayan

2 Kanaan

3 Kairo

4 Pluto

5 Precise

6 Sincere

7 Tenysi

8 Tigger

9 Tokyo

10 Wiatt