The difference between boys and girls career choices

A new report has highlighted the stark difference between young Australian boys and girls when it comes to choosing their dream job.

The Australian Institute of Family Studies talked to more than 3000 children aged 14-15 – asking them if they knew what career or occupation they’d like to have in the future. 59% said they knew what career or occupation they would like, 14% said they didn’t know, and another 27% didn’t know how to answer the question.

A curious result of the study was the difference in the Top 10 jobs between boys and girls, which you’ll see below.



  1. Doctor, dentist or other medical professional
  2. Education professional
  3. Legal or social professional
  4. Personal service
  5. Performance arts and production
  6. Nursing professional
  7. Health and welfare support and care
  8. Professional design, planning or architect
  9. Vet
  10. Media, literature or arts professional


  1. Engineering and transport professional
  2. ICT professional
  3. Construction technical/trade
  4. Automotive technical/trade
  5. Sports
  6. Doctor, dentist or other health professional
  7. Protective services
  8. Professional design, planning or architect
  9. Science professional
  10. Performance arts and production

Read the full report, The career aspirations of young adolescent boys and girls, at