Digging a big hole for yourself

WARNING: There will be a lot of politicians hanging around Burleigh in a couple of weeks.

Unless you welcome the opportunity to personally voice your concerns to the highest levels of government in Queensland then perhaps you should stay away.

Because on Sunday, March 23, Premier Campbell Newman will be bringing his ministry and senior public servants to the Gold Coast for a Community Cabinet.


Seriously, if you have an issue grab hold of a form and apply for a meeting with the relevant minister.

I can’t guarantee they will do anything but you usually get a free cup of tea and a bikkie.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart is so excited about the impending royal visit he is running around like a blue-arsed fly, plumping up cushions, washing curtains and mowing lawns.

In State Parliament last week, he excitedly lauded the government’s excellent consultation skills but apparently forgot the lack of consultation about the Boral quarry at Reedy Creek which the government is pushing ahead with against almost everyone’s wishes.

“We are out there constantly communicating with our electorates,” Mr Hart said.

“We are out there constantly listening to the constituents in our electorates, unlike the former government who just rammed consultation down people’s throats.

“They did not understand what consultation was in any fashion whatsoever—no fashion whatsoever. “

Labor MP: What about the quarry?

“We are actually listening to the people in my electorate, and that is exactly why the

Premier and his cabinet are coming to my electorate,” Mr Hart continued valiantly.

“We have a number of issues that are very dear to my heart and we will be talking to the people in the area about those particular things. “

Labor MP: What about the quarry?

At one of the last community cabinets the former Labor Government held on the Gold Coast, the LNP’s Mudgeeraba MP Ros Bates and Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey carried placards and protested loudly outside the venue alongside local anti-quarry groups.

So now that the Newman Government has ignored the wishes of its Gold Coast MPs to push ahead with the quarry does that mean they will be out there protesting again?

I suspect not.



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