Digital vaccination ‘certificates’ to be used for travel

Vaccination ‘stamps’ could soon be a reality for people travelling overseas or coming into Australia.

As part of Australia’s vaccine rollout which is due to begin within weeks, the federal government has revealed that Vaccination Certificates will also be issued to those who get the jab.

The certificates will be made available through the Medicare and MyGov apps so that they can be accessed on smart phones, but people will also be able to request hard copies.


Government authorities say they’re still working through a ‘framework’ for the certificates, as to how they’ll translate in different countries.

Government Services Minister Stuart Robert says the certificate will be widely accepted.

“We’ll continue to work with our international counterparts into how we have a framework for vaccination certificates but importantly for Australians they can have assurance that the certificate they will have will be robust, it will be anchored to them, so that they know it’s their certificate, and it will be widely accepted,” Minister Robert said.

The certificate has already been nicknamed a ‘passport’, in the hopes that it may allow more freedom of movement within Australia and for overseas tourists.

It may also be used to allow people access to aged care homes and hospitals.

The certificates program has now gone to the federal cabinet, where it’s expected to be approved within a few weeks.

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Here we go skomo said it’s not compulsory now they bring this garbage in

its not mandatory, it’s only if YOU want to TRAVEL to another country

Children can’t be vaccinated, so exclude them from everything for the next year or so and their parents? Not against it but certainly interesting.

Also no very elderly or anyone who is or is planning on getting pregnant.

Morrison would want to have a really good think about this, because if he passes this garbage he can pretty much start packing his bags.. why are people ok with this, they are trying to control us and take away what rights we have left, we need to stand strong together.