The dirty diaper debate that divided the internet

Sometimes I truly wonder if we’ve lost the plot. As a society, is there any sense of compassion or common sense left?

Case in point: this recent story blew up online, about a mother who changed her newborn’s nappy at a friend’s house.

She asked where the bin was, to place the offending nappy.


But her friend didn’t want the nappy left behind, instead requesting that she take the poop-filled diaper home with her. The new mother obliged, but was a little put-off. So, as is the norm these days, she vented online, and the rest is viral history.

Some commenters agree that the request was ludicrous.

But others could see the friends point. In fact, hundreds of them – perhaps even thousands of them – were saying they would “never expect to leave a poo-filled nappy in someone else’s bin!” Horror of horrors, can you imagine?!

One commenter shared, “People need to save their ‘fury’ and ‘confusion’ for real problems and understand that the decent thing to do when it comes to their child’s poo is offer to take it with them.”

I think I may be I missing something, but… what are bins for? As far as I’m aware, bins are for stinky, smelly, rotting garbage. A dirty nappy fits the bill. Why on earth would anyone think the ‘decent’ thing to do is take that a dirty little bag of poop home with them in the car, rather than drop it in the big green wheelie bin on the way out?

Seriously – have we gone past the point of no return?

Because these commenters make me wonder… when did friends stop being friendly?

When my friends bring over their newborn baby, I go out my way to be helpful. I make them tea or coffee and then hold the bub while they drink it (while it’s still hot!). I send them away with tupperware containers full of home-baked snacks. I prepare meals and drop them off in the first few hazy weeks.

In other words: I’m a friend.

Which is to say that this ‘debate’ is so alien to me I feel like can’t put my reaction into words!

Where do stand on this debate: do you see nothing wrong with ditching your baby’s dirty nappy in a friend’s bin, or are you more of a ‘take the nappy home with you’ kinda gal?