A Dirty Little Thing Called Love: The Bachelorette Episode 9 recap

It’s a sad day in Bachie-ette land as last night we said goodbye to one of our final 5.

Episode 9 starts with ol’ faithful Osher handing out the final single date card for the season.

The clue? “Let’s get our hands dirty”.


Finally!! Georgia’s decided to get down and dirty with one lucky lad. YOU GO GURL!

Who will it be.. please please please.. YES! The planets align and it’s Lee who scores the single date with Bachie-ette.

Apart from being hot, Lee hasn’t really contributed much to this season so far apart from well.. being hot. So this single date could be the make or break.

There’s clearly been a budget cut. There’s no fancy arrival by car, no boats, no helicopters – just Georgia standing by a muddy marsh.

Lee wonders what he did wrong to become this season’s Laurina (remember the dirty street pie tanty?).

Georgia’s clue is a bit of a stretch when she announces they’ll be attempting to re-enact a scene from her fave movie – Lee’s secretly hoping it’s Debbie does Dallas… but no, it’s Dirty Dancing.

They’re going to recreate that lift from Dirty Dancing.

After a few half-arsed attempts to keep the producers happy, Georgia runs towards Lee in a white off the shoulder maxi dress (another bad outfit choice). Lee pulls off the lift perfectly and they kiss.

It’s pissing down rain, but it’s still perfect.

The two retreat indoors for a decadent dinner date, while back at the mansion the lads tuck into some dirty old KFC.

Lee puts on his fashion specs and we know he means business. Bachie-ette and Lee talk about their feelings (blah blah blah).

Lee says all the right things and they kiss. But it’s not just any kiss. It’s the best kiss all season! There’s tongue, there’s hands, oh yes, I’m predicting sweet dreams tonight.

Lee is looking for a partner to complete his bucket list with. #BacheloretteAU

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Group Date time and it’s quite possibly the most cringe-worthy one in history. We’ve had billy-kart racing, medieval sword fights, and now… the boys are swept off to a studio to write and record a love song for Georgia. The look on their faces says it all #FML

But… they’re here to find love, and if it’s bad singing Georgia wants, it’s bad singing Georgia gets.

Cam does ok.

Matty positions himself as Darryl Braithwaite meets 50cent.

Lee is tone deaf, but dayummm he’s hot.

Courtney’s just annoying.

While Jake does his best rap but sounds revoltingly like East 17.

They all dance awkwardly as they listen to the final recording titled End of the Rose. Boyz II Men would not be proud.

Georgia picks Jake for some alone-time and they do the usual, talk then pash.

Time for the last cocktail party and Georgia seems happy, even though there’s an imminent eviction looming. I’d be happy too if I had 5 boyfriends.

She spends time with each of the lads.

Courtney still seems more interested in forming bro-mances then finding love with Bachie-ette.

But it’s fireman Cam’s convo with Georgia that raises alarms. He says he’s a ‘doting’ lover, all Georgia hears is ‘stage 5 clinger’.

At the Rose Ceremony, the final five lads collect their roses one by one – Lee, Matty, Jake, until only Courtney and Cam are left on the podium.

Courtney’s clearly paid the producers to keep him on the show so he stays.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Why Georgia, whyyyyyy?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire and this guy shits all over Courtney and Jake! He even let you put Dalmatian puppies on his face!

Georgia puts out Cam’s fire before he could even get his hose out.

Goodbye Cam. You’ll be missed big fella.