“Disappointing” Gold Coast misses out on funding for key projects

The Gold Coast has missed out on funding towards three of the city’s key community projects in last night’s federal budget.

Council had called for the Federal Government to chip in on Light Rail Stage 4 to Coolangatta, the next stage of our HOTA precinct, and the city’s Central Park (GreenHeart) project.

Acting Mayor Donna Gates said the decision to not commit to these projects was “one word: disappointing”.


“They are not nice-to-have projects… they are vital to our city being able to protect its lifestyle, for people to move about on public transport and for our arts and cultural future to be secured,’’ Cr Gates said.

Cr Gates said she had hoped the reason the city was overlooked is not due to the fact the Gold Coast is an LNP stronghold.

“You’d have to start to wonder if the security of the seats on the Gold Coast leads to it being overlooked,”

“I hope that’s not the case and I hope that in the lead up to the election we see a different attitude.”

Despite missing out last night, Cr Gates said the city remains confident the Federal Government will see value in the projects.

“Well be doing our best and working really hard to highlight the issues of concern in this city,”

“We are the 6th largest city in Australia with a population that needs looking after.”

Council have put forward $270 million of ratepayer money towards the next stage of the Light Rail and say they need Federal Government investment to push the project forward.

“We wanted stage 3 to go straight into stage 4, we wanted it to be seamless,”

“That’s not going to be the case unless we get some federal funding for it.”