Diver finds tourist’s camera two years after it was lost

A Canadian woman has had her waterproof digital camera returned after losing it in the sea on a holiday two years ago.

The 21-year-old was holidaying in the Caribbean with friends in 2012 when she lost her camera full of her holiday snaps in the sea.

Heartbroken, the holiday goer accepted the fact that she was never going to see the holiday snaps again.


That was until she received a Facebook message from an unknown man claiming to have found her camera.

Ruben, a professional diver, found the camera which was damaged from being pounded by waves while he was diving in the ocean off the coast of Varadero, but the memory card was still intact.

It is alleged Ruben had gone through the photos on the memory card finding a snap of the aeroplane ticket with the young females name on it and sent her a message via Facebook

The message read: ‘Hi, I am from Cuba, my name is Ruben. I know that you was in my country in 2012 because I am diver in Varadero and I found your camera in the beach, please accept me in your Facebook friends and I will send you your pictures! I am sorry my bad English, have a nice Sunday!’

Unfortunately things like this don’t happen everyday, but there are people like Ruben out there making people lives a little easier by doing simple deeds like this one.