Djokovic insists quarantine demands have been ‘misconstrued’

Novak Djokovic has addressed his fans on social media over the controversial demands he made to Victorian officials for players in hotel quarantine.

Earlier in the week, the world number one issued 12 demands to officials, in order to improve the quarantine conditions for dozens of players in the lead up to the Australian Open.

It comes after a number of positive cases were recorded on flights arriving into Melbourne, meaning everyone on those flights now have to remain isolated in their hotel rooms for two weeks.


For players, that means they aren’t able to train properly in the lead up to the tournament next month.

Novak Djokovic, despite not being in a harsh quarantine himself, asked for the Victorian government to find private houses with tennis courts for players where possible, amongst other demands.

He came under intense criticism for the requests, with many pointing out the irony in him having organised his own tennis tournament in the Balkans last year, which resulted in a number of people contracting coronavirus.

Djokovic has addressed the criticism through social media overnight, saying he’s been misconstrued.

“My good intentions for my fellow competitors in Melbourne have been misconstrued as being selfish, difficult, and ungrateful,” Djokovic wrote. “This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

“Not every act is taken at its face value and at times when I see the aftermath of things, I do tend to ask myself if I should just sit back and enjoy my benefits instead of paying attention to other people’s struggles. However, I always choose to do something and be of service despite the challenging consequences and misunderstandings.”

“I genuinely care about my fellow players and I also understand very well how the world is run and who gets bigger and better and why.

“I’ve earned my privileges the hard way, and for that reason, it is very difficult for me to be a mere onlooker knowing how much every help, gesture, and good word mattered to me when I was small and insignificant in the world pecking order.

“Hence, I use my position of privilege to be of service as much as I can where and when needed,” the post reads.

See the full post below.

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Getting sick of hearing about these people who hit balls over a net. Just do the quarantine like every other person and be quiet.