‘Do not come to Qld’: Sydneysiders shut out, checkpoints return

Queensland will shut its border to people from Greater Sydney and reinstate border checkpoints amid growing concerns about the outbreak of COVID in New South Wales.

Any Sydney resident entering Queensland from 1am on Monday will be forced to undergo 14 days hotel quarantine.

Queensland residents returning from Greater Sydney will be given an extra 24 hours to get back.


They will have to undergo a COVID test but will be allowed to self-quarantine for 14 days at home.

Any Queensland residents returning after 1am on Tuesday will be forced to undergo hotel quarantine.

“If you are a New South Wales resident in Greater Sydney, please do not come to Queensland,” Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

“If you are a Queenslander and you are in Greater Sydney, please return home quickly.”

The measure covers people on the Central Coast, Wollongong, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Wollondilly areas.

New South Wales recorded a further 30 local cases of coronavirus in the 24 hours to 8pm on Saturday.

At least 28 of those have been linked to the northern beaches cluster while the remaining two are still under investigation.

The New South Wales government announced a range of restrictions on household gatherings and indoor venues for all of Greater Sydney and the Central Coast from midnight on Sunday until midnight Wednesday.

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Border checkpoints are expected to be reinstated within the next 24 to 48 hours.

“We will implement them immediately as best we can, we had planned for this, I anticipate they will be up relatively quickly,” Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said.

“Anybody in Sydney thinking they can drive through to Queensland and slip through will find a checkpoint by the time they get there.”

Queensland Health officials have also confirmed the number of people currently in the state that are close contacts of the Sydney cluster has grown to 15.

All have been tested and are now in quarantine.

Officials also remain concerned after fragments of the virus were detected in sewage on the Gold Coast, North Cairns, Townsville and Cleveland.

Some of those other areas, there are not rapidly explainable reasons why there are positives there, I am concerned we have people across Queensland who are active COVID-19 cases,” Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said. 

“It is really, really important, if you have any symptoms, please come forward and get tested immediately and isolate yourself until you get a result.”

Anyone crossing into Queensland from New South Wales is now required to have a border declaration pass.

The State Government has also issued a stern warning to pubs, clubs, restaurants and cafes across Queensland, following issues with contact tracing from an Eight Mile Plains pub at the centre of a COVID scare.

Officials were unable to get in contact with everyone because of illegible handwriting and incomplete details.

Venues will have 72 hours to introduce QR codes or some other electronic check-in or face restrictions.

“We are giving a clear message to our pubs and clubs and cafes right across Queensland that you will have 72 hours to get your house in order,” The Premier said.

“That means you must have QR codes or you must have electronic devices in place otherwise you will be going back to the one per four square metres and people will not be able to stand up and enjoy their drinks. ”

A blitz of businesses across the state will be undertaken in the lead up to Christmas amid concerns many venues are not adhering to COVID rules.


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Overkill for a virus with a 98% recovery rate !

More fear mongering

It’s not dubious the actual rate is well over 98% it’s people like you that like to fear monger about a so called virus that’s no worse than the flu

Yeah, let’s just kill 520,000 Australian citizens according to your dubious recovery rate.

This will now be the new “normal” an excuse to track all individuals

The world is not going back to the way it was. Get used to it and don’t be so selfish Carol. Individuals should be tracked down. If you are doing the wrong thing, you should be punished. Anyone who wilfully ignores these protections that are put in place should feel the full wrath of the law.

Close the International borders for 3 months and most of the new cases will stop.
These new outbreaks all are originating from overseas travelers or those who have been in close contact.
The 30,000 odd “Aussie’s” who are stuck overseas should have come back when they were warned back in March.
Now they are bleeding hearts complaining Australia is being horrible to them.
Overseas students mainly from China can stay in China.
Closing down state borders is just a bandaid and once on top of it they let more overseas travelers in to start the cycle again.

Why cant all overseas flights have to go into Darwin be isolated and taken to a place like Howard Springs or a cruise ship moored off our coast for a mandatory quarantine period. Anyone who wanted to desperately return should be very happy to do so.

I agree just because of other people families can’t see their own parents or children. Please close the international borders completely

Absolutely clueless. If you choose to believe what the Morrison government tells you then go right ahead but don’t share the misinformation. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Get back in the bathtub and cover yourself with foil.