Do or die for Suns in 2016

The Gold Coast Suns will play finals footy in 2016!

Lock it in, take it to the bank, it’s simply just happening.

‘Why’, ‘How’ I hear you ask…


It is pretty simple.

Because they have to.

You see, the Gold Coast Suns list will never be as good as it is right now.

Believe it or not, the Suns will trot out ten (yes, 10!) top ten draft picks in their best 22 come Round 1 this season.

Swallow, O’Meara, Martin all went (or would have went but for the mini-draft) #1, Day was #3, Kolodjashnij and Grant both #5’s, Hall was taken at #7, Wright and Ah Chee both #8’s and Dion Prestia was taken at #9.

Ten top ten picks! Out of 22 players.

Oh, and do you notice some names missing?

Lynch (#11), Harbrow, May, Thompson, Malceski, Rischitelli, McKwenzie, Miller, Nicholls, Rosa, Saad – all more than solid or soon-to-be stars.

Oh yeh, and a bloke named Gary, who happens to be the best footballer in the country.

Right now the Suns have one of the most talented lists in the AFL.

But that won’t last.

If they waste 2016 that list will get ruthlessly picked apart by clubs with vastly less talent but vastly deeper pockets.

It has happened in the last few years to clubs like St Kilda, the Bulldogs or even Melbourne.

The better players leave for the cash and prospect of actually playing finals while the club is forced to continuously rebuild and hope that the same poaching doesn’t start again.

In today’s modern footy world one thing and one thing only allows a young (or older) man to say no to the big dollars in favour of staying ‘loyal’.

And that is success.

It is the one thing money can’t buy quickly (or sometimes at all) and it is the one thing the Suns simply must taste this season if they are a chance of holding onto the abundance of talented youngsters they have.

Only the taste of finals footy will have a chance of dissuading these Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth-born young men from leaving to go home in the next few years.

The good news for the Gold Coast is they can do it.

Thanks to a pretty good draw the Suns are one relatively injury free season away from winning 12-14 games.

That puts them into finals contention well and truly.

But if they fail, if they start the season like they did last year or worse, if they get ravaged by injuries like last season, then the Gold Coast will be stuck with not one but two teams well and truly planted on struggle street for many years to come.

Let us trust in Lord Gary to have an injury-free, career-best season!

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