Do we want to be a leaner but much meaner country?

YOU know how when we bag our health system we console ourselves with the thought that at least it’s not like the health system in the US?

Well, we won’t be able to do that for much longer apparently.

The brains behind the Federal Government’s long awaited Commission of Audit have decided Australia’s internationally acclaimed health system should be more like America’s crappy one.


Anyone who has ever been to the US (or watched an episode of ER) knows what that means:

–     Extraordinary high prices for simple procedures, people working at low paying and awful jobs just to get basic health care and many who cannot afford treatment for life threatening illnesses.

And our doctors never look like George Clooney either.

Yes, that is something to aspire to.

But there’s more.

The Commission has also made a wide range of recommendations that, if implemented, could change the way we live and the people we are – and not in a good way.

They include cuts to aged and disability pensions, health, hospitals, medications, Medicare and family payments, child care, parental leave, higher education, defence and foreign aid.

The unemployed would be forced to leave their homes and communities to find work, government agencies would be abolished, public servants sacked, tolls introduced on many roads and only the rich would be able to afford a university education.

Public assets such as Australia Post, Australian Hearing Services, Defence Housing, the Mint and the Snowy Hydro would be sold off forever.

At the last election no one gave Tony Abbott a mandate to make these sweeping changes that will make many of us poorer and meaner.

The Government has so far refused to say which recommendations they will keep and which ones they will reject.

But it should be remembered that you get the results you want from studies and surveys when you get to pick who conducts them.

The Federal Government chose who conducted this Audit and how they went about doing it.

Treasurer Joe Hockey said the Government had inherited a mess from Labor and something has to be done.

Ok, just don’t make a bigger mess.


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