Doctor Jeanette Young thanked for work as Chief Health Officer

The Queensland government has fare welled Doctor Jeanette young from the Chief Health Officer in state parliament this morning.

Doctor Young finishes up in the role at the end of this week, before moving on to become the Queensland Governor from Monday.

The Premier acknowledged the tireless efforts of Doctor Young throughout the pandemic, and over the last 16 years.


“After 16 years dedicated to the wellbeing of every Queenslander, Doctor Young’s time as our longest serving Chief Health Officer draws to a close.

“Over the past two years, we’ve been able to rely on her steadfastness during Covid.

“But this has been the culmination of her long devotion of every aspect of our health.

“Since 2005, she has campaigned for wellness and fought long and hard against cancer, smoking, obesity and the flu.

“Anything from the public health perspective that improves the lives of Queenslanders from the inner cities to our remote indigenous communities.

“In 201, Doctor Young was awarded the Public Service Medal for outstanding public service to Queensland Health.

“Just some of her responsibilities have included health disaster planning and response.

“Aero medical retrievals, cancer screening, communicable diseases, environmental health, preventative health and medical workforce leadership.

“And of course she has been the state health incident controller for her management of the Covid-19 pandemic response.

“This has meant enormous pressure, sleepless nights and a torrent of information which she has processed calmly and clinically with compassion and care.

“Under this unprecedented burden, Doctor Young has done precisely what her role requires, she has kept us as safe as possible from Covid.

“She has done that from the very beginning when she was the first to recommend an emergency response.

“I am proud to say that in my opinion, Doctor Young has lead Australia and the world in Covid health measures.

“And I’m grateful to have had her with us each day as we’ve stood together to face this challenge,” the Premier said.

Doctor Krispin Hajkowicz will take over the role of Chief Health Officer on Monday, when Doctor Young will be sworn in as Governor of Queensland.