Dodgy dollars detected in Broadbeach

Police are warning Gold Coasters to be aware of dodgy $50 and $100 notes, after an increase in the amount of counterfeit money being used in the Broadbeach area last month.

The police said in a statement that criminals were using higher denomination notes, and targeting shops with high trade and inexperienced staff.

They provided some tips to help Gold Coasters tell the difference, saying that real notes:


  • are a plastic polymer;
  • are difficult to tear and should spring back when crushed;
  • display an image of the Australian Coat of Arms, and a 7-pointed star inside the circle at the bottom of the note;
  • have stars in the clear window that cannot be rubbed off.

They said to compare the size of the suspect note to a real note of the same denomination and, if in doubt, contact police on 131 444.

Real Australian 50 dollar note

PHOTO: Supplied | Queensland Police