Does parenting impact your sense of sight and smell?!

BEFORE I had kids, like many people I suspect, I had a fairly clear idea of what I would and wouldn’t do when I created my own batch of tiny humans.

First rule: there would be no kids in mum and dad’s bed.

When I grew up I was never allowed to sleep in my parents’ bed, save for perhaps a cuddle on Christmas morning. So why would my family be any different?


Because of SLEEP, that’s why. When our eldest was a baby we needed sleep, and the only way she would sleep was when pressed up against one of us in our bed. So that rule was out the window from pretty much day one.

In the years since, I’ve come to learn that there were many other ways in which I judged appraised other parents and subconsciously decided I could and would do a better job.

For instance, I could never understand why people would put up with dirty, grimy cars. I remember once holding my breath as I climbed past the crusty, banana-smeared car seat of my sister’s sedan.

Just because you have a child, that doesn’t mean your sense of smell, sight and personal pride have disappeared, I silently muttered to myself.

Flash forward a few years, and I too am now the proud owner of my own ‘kid’ car. You might be familiar?

There are hats, shoes and ‘artworks’ cluttering every surface, while dried banana peel and empty chip packets are stuffed into the seat pockets.

In four short years my car has been thoroughly transformed by children. Honestly, it would be easier at this point to sell it than to un-install the car seats and clean them, steam mop the fabrics and clear out the detritus of life that spills out of every corner. Or so I thought.

I’ve tried the lazy man’s approach to cleaning the car – wipes – and it hardly made a dent.

Then I used an organic, kid-safe cleaner, BuggyLOVE, which you can spray on to car seats to give them a thorough clean without removing them from the car.

It took about four minutes to remove some stubborn yoghurt stains and mashed-in teething rusks, and about another 10 minutes to remove the rubbish and run the hand-held vacuum over the floors.

In 15 short minutes, my car went from chaotic and kid-tastic to clean and fresh.

If only I could get the kids out of my bed so easily…

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