Dog attacks elderly woman’s small pooch at Gold Coast park


Stock photo of a Maltese pup – not the one depicted in the story.

AN elderly woman has been left shaking in horror after her small pooch was viciously attacked by a bigger dog as they walked through a Gold Coast park.

The woman and her elderly husband were walking their Maltese on a leash through the Glennon Park at Nerang when the attack happened around 8.40am on Friday morning.


Nicholas Tod was one of the first on scene and said the small dog was lucky to have survived.

“I feel bad for the elderly lady … I ran over as fast as I could to help,” he said.

“Luckily her elderly husband managed to pin the American Staffy cross down and lock its jaw open to free the Maltese.

“The poor Maltese suffered serious puncture wounds to its rear hind legs.”

Nicholas said he blamed the dog’s owner for its behaviour.

“I don’t blame the dog,” he said. “I blame the owner who’s dog was off its leash and obviously not well trained or supervised.”

“The owner of the am-staff took his time heading over and was not even slightly phased by what his dog had done.”

“When the woman told the man that he had to pay the vet bill, he just looked at his dog and called it a (expletive).”

It was the first time the couple had walked through the park.