Dog terrorized during apartment burglary

THIEVES have terrorized a small dog and stole thousands of dollars worth of designer shoes and DJ mixing hardware during a brazen burglary at Mermaid Beach at the weekend. 

When Jaime Barr, 23, and her roommate Dahli Grimlaski, 18, returned to their Mermaid Avenue apartment at around 4.30am on Sunday after a night out in Surfers, they were greeted with an unsightly scene.

Their apartment had been ransacked and their small dog left traumatized, found trembling in his own urine on the couch with unexplainable marks around his neck.


Robbery 5

TRAUMATIZED: Moo the male Jack Russel was terrorized during the ordeal, pictured here before the robbery. IMAGE: Supplied

“I came home to find my tiny dog (Moo) shaking, sitting in his own pee. He was terrified,” Jaime said.

“My heart broke when he wasn’t running around excited to see us. I’ve never ever seen him like that, ever.

“Anyone who knows ‘Moo’ loves him. He is the most beautiful, well natured dog.”

As the girls made their way through the apartment and switched on all the lights, the reality of the situation became clear.

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BURGLED: The living room of the Mermaid Beach apartment ransacked. IMAGE: Supplied

“I started to look around and realised that the table where our laptops an iPads sat was empty,” Jaime said.

“I looked further in as I turned the light on to realize every draw was out and more things were missing.

“Then I saw that my leather couch had been kicked on the sides and looked like it had been jumped on and broken where my little dog had peed from being so scared.”

Robbery 4

STOLEN: Thousands of dollars worth of items were stolen from the Mermaid Beach apartment. IMAGE: Supplied

It’s alleged the perpetrators forced their way into the apartment sometime after 3am by burning holes through a rear safety screen and reaching through to grab a key to unlock the door from the outside.

They rummaged through the entire two-storey dwelling, turning every room upside down and taking anything of value.

They made off with more than 80 pairs of designer shoes, clothes, Jaime’s passport, TVs, sound systems, DJ mixing decks with a collection of more than 8,000 songs and laptop computers.

Robbery 10

“They took all of my undies and some of my clothes, and they took my TV and surround sound towers, all my bags and probably more that I haven’t yet been able to take in,” Jaime said.

“Then I walked into my roommates room and my heart broke instantly. Her TV, DJ decks, laptop, dresses, shoes, amps and subs were all gone.”

Jaime believes they were targeted by someone they knew.


STOLEN: Dozens of designer high-heels were taken during the robbery. IMAGE: Supplied

“I went through this a year-and-a-half ago and know how it first feels when you realize people have come in and taken something that took you years to get,” she said.

“A little bit of you feels like it dies. There’s seriously no words that can explain – all you can do is cry.

“It made me so upset to see someone had come into our home made it unsafe and terrified my dog – I don’t even know what they done to him.

“I feel unsafe in my own home. It’s unfair. Why are people so horrible.”

Anyone who may have noticed any suspicious activity in the area between 3-5am on Sunday morning, or may have any information in relation to the matter, is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Robbery 12

STOLEN: Dahli’s DJ decks and sound system snatched during the robbery. IMAGE: Supplied