Domestic violence death helps others find their voice

A Gold Coast domestic violence support group has urged victims to “break their silence after the sad passing of a woman who was run off the road and beaten to within an inch of her life in Molendinar on Tuesday.

Nicole from Rise Up said the passing of young mum Tara Brown after Tuesday’s alleged run in with her ex, highlights the fact that it is important to speak up.  Former Bandido Lionel Patea is accused of breaking a Domestic Violence Order and is expected to be charged with murder when he faces Southport Court on October 28.

She said the rates of the “deaths that are happening in Australia to women affected by intimate partner violence is definitely on the increase so we definitely need to put a stop to it”.


Nicole said “look it’s really important that as a community we encourage everyone to feel safe and to rise up against domestic violence”.

She added that “young women and any victims of domestic violence, intimate violence, we need to speak out, speak to our friends let everybody know what’s happening and as friends you need to be supportive, that’s really important”.

The most important message to get across she said is that domestic violence “thrives in silence so as a community what we can do is break that silence by removing the stigma and the shame that often surrounds domestic violence”.

“If we’re opening that conversation one out of three Australian women are affected by domestic violence, it’s not acceptable.”

On a positive Nicole stressed life does go on after domestic violence “being in a domestic violence relationship that doesn’t determine who you are and how your story is going to end”.

“There is always hope and you know there are so many women and families that are affected by domestic violence and we need to look at that positively” Nicole said.

She added that “in our organisation we have such a high rate of women that have been affected by domestic violence and they’re joining together, they’re collaborating and moving forward in strength”.

Nicole wrapped up by saying it is important to “shift the shame of domestic violence”.

If you need to talk give the Gold Coast Domestic Violence Prevention Centre a call on 5591 4222.

Another good contact is DV Connect 1800 811 811.