Donald Trump claims sabotage at Presidential debate

Donald Trump is extraordinary.

I don’t mean that a compliment but I don’t quite mean it as a dig, either.

After watching his performance at the U.S. Presidential election, I am honestly in awe of his inflated sense of self-belief and his skewed viewpoint, through which he sees the world turn on a completely different axis to the greater majority.


The way he thinks and operates is… it’s just… it’s extraordinary! There is no other word for it.

At almost every point in the debate, he managed to turn the discussion back to himself, his properties, his investments, his business success, and of course his “winning temperament”.

He point-blank refused to answer controversial questions. When asked about releasing his tax return, for instance, his only response was to say he hated how the government spends taxes.

Hillary successfully goaded him into performing at his flamboyant, eco-centric, chaotic best, leading to him making stupid comments: for instance, saying he was “smart” for manoeuvring his way out of paying income tax on his substantial earnings.

But it’s his reaction after the debate that is almost more shocking – if that’s possible.

Afterwards, social media lit up with debate chatter and there was prolific commentary about the fact that Donald ‘sniffed’ a lot during his showdown with Hillary Clinton. He’s not a polished public speaker; he’s hot-headed and he’s prone to head off in a tangent and in the process, he apparently tends to get the sniffles.

But Don denied sniffling. Despite everyone seeing and hearing him sniff dozens and dozens of times, he denied it – such is the largesse of his grandiose self-view!

Instead, he blamed the microphones at Hofstra University in New York for being faulty.

“I had a problem with my mic that didn’t work, I wonder if it was set up on purpose. In the room they couldn’t hear me, not exactly great,” he told Fox News Channel.

“I wonder if it was set up that way. I don’t want to believe in conspiracy theories. But it was crackling. To me, it was a bad problem.”

A bad problem, huh? The only problem worse would be if a person this deluded and self-involved becomes the President of the free world.