Donald Trump has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Discuss.

The world has officially gone mad, right? There can be no other explanation behind the sheer lunacy of this headline.

How else can it be explained that Donald Trump – the narcissistic, arrogant, dim-witted serial liar, whose greatest contribution to the world extends no further than building his own wealth – has been nominated for an award normally bestowed upon good Samaritans and human rights activists.

When I first heard about Don’s nomination, my jaw hit the floor.


Only in America, I thought.

Only in America would a self-obsessed billionaire with delusions of grandeur get placed into the same category as people like Nadia Murad, who was abducted from her village in Iraq by Islamic State fighters in August 2014, before being held for three months as a sex slave.

Or gynaecologist and activist Denis Mukwege, who runs a hospital in the Congo, where he treats rape victims for free.

Do you know when it all starts to make sense? When the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together?

It’s when you realise that being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is actually not a great achievement: anyone can be nominated for the top gong. Literally, anyone.

Whoever put forward the nomination of Trump (or should we say Drumpf?) suggested he was a worthy candidate due to his “vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China”.

Come again? How does a man who delivers blanket racist statements that promote fear mongering and intolerance have anything to do with “vigorous peace”?

It should be noted that this year yields a bloated field of nominees, with a record 376 people up for the top nod. (Usually there are around half that number of people nominated; the previous record was around 275.)

Surely the five souls on the Norwegian Nobel Committee who award the final prize will ensure the Peace Prize goes to a more fitting candidate. That will only happen if they have more sense than the people of America, who seem to lapping up Drumpf’s illogical rhetoric in spades.

Somehow, he’s currently the front-runner for Republican nomination for President. Even if (please Lord) he doesn’t win, and he fails to actually become POTUS, the mere fact that we live in a world where it could happen is enough to make you wonder whether we’ve irrevocably messed with the gene pool, isn’t it?

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