Donald Trump is Not Lovely

So said my three-year-old, out of the blue this weekend.

“Donald Trump is not lovely,” she said matter-of-factly as I dried her after a swim. I had to ask her to repeat herself. She looked straight at me and repeated, as if I was having trouble with my hearing, “Donald Trump is not lovely. He was on the telebision.”

She’s still learning her b’s and v’s, which made her statement all the funnier.


After my laughter subsided I ascertained that she’d had a conversation at her grandparents house last week, during which the news happened to on the TV.

When Donald’s face popped up on the screen she asked, “Whose that?” and her Poppa replied, “Donald Trump – he’s not very nice.”

That little nugget of information had wedged itself into her subconscious until she found the right moment to share it with me.

Her comments made for a funny story over the weekend, as my family chuckled over her astute powers of observation at such a young age. But the truth is, the American people don’t seem to care that Donald is Not Lovely.

He’s had a recent surge in the polls and there is a very real chance that he will become the next POTUS.

And after watching The Big Short over the weekend, I finally understand why.

Americans are sick and tired of being taken for a ride. They’re sick of being ripped off and lied to. They’re sick of corporate banking snakes taking home $20 million bonus cheques, for creating complicated financial products that ultimately rob everyday people of their savings.

They’re sick of being poor and disenfranchised. And then along comes Trump, a ‘self made man’ who claims he can help Make America Great again. Some who claims his campaign is not being propped up by corrupt corporate dollars, the way that the people perceive Hillary’s is.

His main selling point is ‘What you see is what you get – there’s no one pulling my puppet strings’. We’ve got to hand him this – no matter how outrageous or intolerant or violent, the words that spill from his mouth are his always own.

So I get it now. He’s gaining popularity because he’s giving Americans an alternative to the same old broken system that has failed them so many times before.

Donald Trump is not lovely. But he could soon become President Trump. And though he may be a freaking disaster, the US political system is already a gigantic cesspool of corruption, fraud and greed – can he really make things much worse?