Donald Trump refuses to concede to Joe Biden

Donald Trump is refusing to concede the 2020 US election, despite Joe Biden hitting the ground running.

The President-elect will today form a new coronavirus task force made up of scientists and technology experts, and has already updated his ‘transition’ website detailing his plan for a coronavirus recovery.

It prioritises COVID-19, economic recovery, racial equity and climate change.


“”Our nation is grappling with a pandemic, an economic crisis, powerful calls for racial justice, and the existential threat of climate change,” the site description reads.

“President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris know we can’t simply go back to the way things were before. The team being assembled will meet these challenges on Day One and build us back better.”

Meantime, Donald Trump has been on a tweeting rage, doubling down on claims the election has been stolen from him.

It’s understood various people who are close to him are now trying to convince him to concede to Joe Biden, including his wife Melania.

But Trump’s team has released a statement saying Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any state, and the Republican Party is beginning court proceedings to ensure the rightful winner is seated.

Trump has released a barrage of Tweets today, which have all been earmarked by Twitter as ‘disputed’.