Donations still needed for family devastated by fire

WE are being urged to keep donating what we can to help the family torn apart by a unit fire on Sunday night.

A three-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene of the blaze, which engulfed a double-storey unit in Beenleigh.

Yesterday his mother Crystal Cartledge, who has been fighting for life in hospital, passed away.


After receiving burns to 90 percent of her body, relatives made the tough decision to switch off her life support.

The news was confirmed on the Logan House Fire Support Network’s Facebook page.

“We just received official confirmation at 4:30pm that the mother of the 3yr old who died in the fatal house fire in a Beenleigh Unit Complex, has succumbed to her injuries and passed away.

“We did not post until officially told, as family needed to be informed first, and we did not want to cause distress to a family already struggling with their grief.

Two of Crystal’s other children remain in hospital, while her partner, who received burns to his hands, has been released.

At last count around $11,000 had been raised for the family via the Logan House Fire Support Network.

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