DONE DEAL | Federal government commits extra funds for tram extension to Burleigh

THE Morrison Government has confirmed it will commit the extra funding needed to get Stage 3A of the Gold Coast light rail off the ground.

Canberra will be coughing up the $157 million needed to deliver the extension from Broadbeach to Burleigh, taking the government’s total commitment for the project to $269 million.

$62 million of the funding will also be brought forward, meaning construction can get underway in early 2020. It’s expected to take around around three years to complete.


The federal government has also confirmed it will bring forward $45 million in funding for the Pacific Motorway upgrade from Varsity Lakes to Tugun, which is expected to flow through in the next financial year.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology and Member for McPherson, Karen Andrews, said it is a massive deal for the Gold Coast.

“This funding will deliver more than just the infrastructure itself. It will be an important shot in the arm for the Gold Coast economy and will create hundreds of jobs in the construction phase,” Ms Andrews said.

“It’s a real vote of confidence in our city which will have tremendous flow on effects for business in a time when we need it.”

The funding deal for the Gold Coast forms part of a near $2 billion infrastructure spend across Queensland, which will include $400 million in new road funding and an agreement on Inland Rail linking freight from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has hailed the cash injection as a huge win for Queensland.

“I have always said we work best when we work together and this proves it,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“We have called for a better deal for Queensland and the Prime Minister has listened.

“This deal will allow us to start work more quickly on the congestion busting road and rail projects our growing state needs.”

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey also praised the announcement.

“This is infrastructure on steroids for the Gold Coast,” Mr Bailey told

“I’ll pay credit when credit is due, they (The Morrison Government) have listened to our arguments and accepted our arguments and we’ve come to an agreement everybody is happy about and that’s the outcome everybody wanted to see.”

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Put on rail take trucks off road that’s so funny how does it get to rail mmm well trucks of cause and how does it go from rail trucks of cause and it takes 3 days from Melbourne to Brisbane by rail only 29 hours by truck lmao it will put so many more little trucks on the road its not funny

It’s disheartening to see to so many comments attacking someone’s character – based on education or not. Was he attacking yours? No. Just said his concerns. In other words he simply put forth an argument in the best way he could. If you have the education to call that argument weak, then do so but give him the courtesy of treating him humanely. Geez people.

How many 40ft containers can you fit on a truck though? One train can displace many costly interstate truck trips. Road infrastructure is also vastly less energy efficient and takes more to maintain than rail. Trains form a vital part of transportation infrastructure across the world.

did you go to school?
I don’t think the government should take advice from someone who cant put a sentence together…. or spell.


Well there taking the bit out about the trucks numnuts got pic of it here

maybe you should go play with some trucks

Omg we were cracking up so much on your comments ??

Say goodbye to the beautiful Burleigh village atmosphere that we locals cherish and say hello to to h***ds of tattooed drug dealing, littering, rock throwing bogans and the new ‘Southport to the South.’ Very sad to see the serenity ‘sold’ and the developers rubbing their hands together. I wonder if the Old Burleigh theatre will survive or will it fall to make way for a developers dream 10 story car park overlooking the Burleigh point break? There is no parking now and far less so when the light rail rumbles past the beach and the bus interchange takes up the remainder. I can here the ruffle of brown paper bags as we speak…
Ahhhh the beauty of progress….

I know a little kid who plays with Tonka trucks I’ll organise a play date

Currently, the 777 bus has six stops to Burleigh and at its quickest takes 9 minutes southbound and 12 minutes northbound.

The tram as currently planned will have more stops and around the clock, take a much longer time.

Gold Coast residents deserve a faster, more efficient service and so do the tourists. This is their first impression from the airport and they shouldn’t be subjected to a slow journey.