Donna Gates apointed acting mayor “indefinitely”

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate says Deputy Mayor Donna Gates has been appointed as acting mayor “indefinitely”, while he battles bowel cancer.

Cr Tate undergoes surgery today to remove cancerous polyps from his bowel and said his faith is helping him prepare for the operation.

The mayor said he’s been given two big scares this year, first with his wife’s heart attack on their overseas trip, and then with his cancer diagnosis.


“The good Lord must think I’m pretty thick because he’s woken me up twice in the one year with what’s happened (to me) and with Ruth’s cardiac arrest,” he said.

“The main message I wanted Gold Coasters to embrace is that if you’re late 40’s or early 50’s please get a full health check or at the very least a colonoscopy.

“I’m a man of faith and I think the result will be positive and we’ll get through it; with hindsight it would have been better to get a checkup a few years earlier.”

Cr Tate said he appointed Cr Gates as acting mayor, knowing the city would be in capable hands.