Don’t ditch GC small businesses during the Games!

The Games committee has done an astounding job of clearing the roads during this busy period.

Unfortunately, they’ve done too good of a job.

On Saturday morning, I was a little apprehensive about getting to Ashmore to take my daughter to gymnastics. Turns out it was a straight run, and a third of her class was missing – no doubt holed up at home to avoid the mad traffic on the roads.


It turns out, they didn’t need to. Our roads are completely void of cars!

Driving to work and shuttling my little one to daycare has also been a total breeze the last week.

Unless you’ve been heading to an official Games event, which has admittedly come with headaches for some, getting around the Gold Coast has been easy peasy since the Games kicked off on April 4.

And here’s the kicker: local businesses are suffering.

Cafés, restaurants, retail stores and nightclubs have all been primed for a chaotic, busy period during this international event.

With hundreds of thousands of people travelling to the Gold Coast, they’ve hired extra staff and ramped up their resources, preparing for this period as if it were Christmas x 10.

Except for many… people are just not knocking on their doors.

Fortunately this is the Gold Coast, and if there’s one thing we do well, it’s rally around our community!

Remember, we have these Games to thank for some of the amazing upgrades to roads, infrastructure and amenities that have happened in the lead up.

So let’s not let our local small businesses suffer over the next week. Get out there and do your bit to support the local community.

Grab your family and head to a local restaurant or café for a meal. Meet up with your mates at a bar for a drink after work, or gather some work colleagues for brunch (call it an early lunch break!). And don’t put off shopping for that black pair of winter boots or a new homewares until after the Games… head out this week and support Gold Coast business owners!

Do your bit to get amongst the crowds and support our city. Not only will your support be madly appreciated by local small business owners – and I should know, as I’m one of them – but you might also absorb some of the exciting Games vibe, which will only ever pass through the Gold Coast once.