Don’t ever change Gold Coast

I WATCHED yet another southern news story ridicule the Gold Coast the other day and I wondered which Gold Coast they were talking about?

None of the ‘iconic’ images used to illustrate the story accusing my home town of being tacky were familiar to me.

I cannot remember the last time I saw a Meter Maid in the flesh, so to speak.


And, safe in coastal suburbia, I rarely come across drugged and drunken revellers spewing on the street.

As for Schoolies, I haven’t fallen over one of them since I was a young’un myself.

Because the Gold Coast is not Surfers Paradise and Surfers Paradise is not the Gold Coast.

Do we need to put that on a sign at the border?

How about using it as the slogan for our next tourism promotion?

As for being tacky? How rude!

Some of the Gold Coasters I come across every day might be slightly daggy but I wouldn’t call them tacky.

They spend more time doing up their backyards than on their appearance and a great night out is a BBQ at a mate’s place with everyone home by 9pm.

In fact, the Gold Coast is becoming rather cool.

Quirky little cafes and organic bakeries are popping up all over the place, as are the gourmet food stores and funky restaurants we had been missing out on for so long.

We just have to sort out that live music scene problem and we will have everything anyone could want all in one place.

But one of the Gold Coast’s attributes I most admire is one it has always had – it’s non-judgmental acceptance of the many people who move here every year.

You can come to the Gold Coast and change your life and what’s so bad about that?

Unlike Sydney where everyone has assembled all the friends they want by the time they are 20, people here welcome new faces.

You know that smiling thing we do when we pass a stranger on our morning walks?

Do that in Sydney and they’ll think you have forgotten to take your meds.

Not that there is anything wrong with Surfers Paradise.

God bless the place for keeping all the tacky, drunken southern tourists in one place so the rest of us don’t have to suffer.

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