Don’t let someone else control your future

AS with any debt, allowing the situation to get out of hand is allowing another person to control your future.  Making the decision to talk about the problem to find a solution is always the best road to take.

Bad things happen to good people everyday and sometimes we have little or no control over the situation, but if you are a tenant and your rent is due, this can sometimes be overwhelming. The best policy to adopt is to be honest with all involved to work towards an ending that is mutually beneficial to all parties.

Make that call you have been dreading to the owner or manager, explain the situation clearly and calmly, if you can see a way out (payment plan) put the plan forward, if not and you see no way out of the financial situation, engage in a conversation regarding ending the tenancy with your reputation intact.


A bad mark against your name on a database such as TICA or NTD can follow you around for 7 years or more, it can affect your ability to get a personnel loan, car loan, phone plan, but potentially the worst case is the inability to rent a home for your family in the future.

The RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) is there to help with a mediation service also if there is a communication breakdown between the parties.

Property Managers can sometimes come across as a bit hard hearted only because they have heard every excuse under the sun for late payments of rent, don’t be too quick to judge, state your case early on before it gets to the point of notices being issued, there is always a solution if all parties are willing to cooperate with each other.