Don’t think you like opera? Here’s why you should see Verdi’s Requiem

After the success of opera on the beach last year, Opera Queensland is bringing the epic Verdi’s Requiem to our Outdoor Stage as part of Bleach* the Gold Coast Festival.

Far removed from what you’d experience at a stuffy concert hall, this is opera Gold Coast style – outdoors under the stars, picnic rugs, thongs and cold drinks. It will be a great night out or a great end to a day spent on the beach.

But this is no classical cchill-out– with 80 musicians in the orchestra, 60 singers and 4 opera singers Verdi’s Requiem is an intense experience with an amazing array of sound and dynamism.

Sung in Latin and Italian (with subtitles on the big screens) you’ll be moved by the energy, drama and sheer exuberance of the performance. The well-known Dies Irae is pure orchestral rock ‘n’ roll.

Verdi's Requiem

PHOTO: Supplied by Bleach | © Paul Blackmore

Big screens will show incredibly rich visuals that respond to the music – of natural disasters and communities in strife and the fragility of our environment.

And in the precinct, you’ll be surrounded by large fire sculptures, religious and pagan imagery to really set the scene for the evening. And for some amazing photos, of course!

If you’re thinking about trying something new this year, then we recommend a night at the opera, Gold Coast style.

Get your tickets now to see Verdi’s Requiem play our Outdoor Stage 7:30pm Saturday 27.