Don’t travel to NSW: Premier’s warning to Qlders

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has urged Queenslanders not to travel to New South Wales amid growing concerns about the spread of coronavirus, especially in Sydney.

It comes as Queensland records another day of no new cases.

The state’s total stands at 1076 with just five active cases, including one on the Gold Coast.


“That’s wonderful news and I’m quite sure that Queenslanders are continuing to do the right thing, so well done everyone,” Ms Palaszczuk said on Tuesday.

The Premier says she remains seriously worried about the COVID-19 situation in New South Wales, despite the state only recording 14 new cases today.

She’s repeated her threat made on Monday to implement a hard border closure if cases in New South Wales continue to rise.

“As I said yesterday, we will not hesitate to slam the borders shut if there is an outbreak of community transmission in Sydney.

“We are watching New South Wales incredibly closely, we continue to do that each and every day and we will take the health advice and we will act swiftly when we need to do so.

“If we have to take even stronger measures, we will take stronger measures.”

Ms Palaszczuk says it is in the best interests of Queenslanders to avoid visiting New South Wales for now.

“I would advise Queenslanders at the moment not to travel to New South Wales.

“Now is not the time to leave Queensland, now is the time to stay in Queensland, stay safe.” 

The Premier has also admitted she’s surprised at the number of people trying to unlawfully enter the state.

It comes after a man was arrested after fleeing from Police at Gold Coast Airport on Monday, while a second man was arrested after being caught allegedly trying to sneak in on a bus at Coolangatta on Tuesday morning.

More than 650 people have been turned around at Gold Coast border checkpoints since July 10.

“I think people should use their commonsense and they just shouldn’t do it. The rules are there, the rules are tough and the rules are being enforced.”