Double or nothing

A few weeks ago The Meddler predicted the latest pursuit of a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast was doomed to fail.

That prediction was based on what Deputy Premier Jeff “I never saw a chartered plane I didn’t like’ Seeney did and did not say in a carefully worded statement he made in Parliament.

Now The Meddler is ready to make another prediction based on a less carefully worded statement Seeney made in Parliament last week.


That prediction is that the Gold Coast is not going to get a second casino.

During a hilarious attempt to make the Newman Government’s extravagant grand Tower of Power office building in Brisbane a win for the little people, Seeney dropped in a mention of the three new casino licences and ‘world-class’ integrated resort developments up for grabs.

“I am confident that in 12 months’ time what we are seeing at William Street will also be happening in relation to the integrated resort developments that I know the people who live in Cairns and North Queensland badly want to see in their areas,” Seeney said.

See, all about North Queensland, nothing about the Gold Coast.

Last week it was announced 12 consortia had lodged expressions of interested and coughed up $100,000 to show they mean business.

Six of those groups are vying for Brisbane’s Queen’s Wharf development which is a sure thing.

Four were for casinos up north and two were for the Gold Coast.

The unexpected proposal for a casino and presumably a world-class resort in sleepy old Nerang took everyone by surprise.

I think we all know that is not going to happen.

‘What happens in Nerang, stays in Nerang’ – doesn’t quite have the right ring to it.

The other was from the ASF Consortium which needs a casino for its Broadwater cruise ship terminal, residential, retail and holiday resort extravaganza.

This also has as much chance of getting approved by the State Government as a casino at Nerang.

Is there even a need for another casino on the Gold Coast?

Australia already has the dubious honour of being the biggest loser globally in gambling, losing more money per resident than any other country in the world.

So who wants to make a bet with me?



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