Doughnut Time is back on the Gold Coast!

The time has arrived Gold Coasters… yep that’s right, it’s officially Doughnut Time.

Sweet tooths around the country can finally rejoice because the popular dessert empire is back and promises to be better than ever.

Four new stores are set to swing open their doors from today, with the first two opening in The Myer Centre and Southbank in Brisbane (First 2500 people through the door score a free doughnut!)


The Gold Coast will then be treated to the glazed gooey goodness when Doughnut Time launches in Burleigh Heads on December 1, and Coomera before the end of the year.

New owner Pete Andros says he can’t wait to reunite Aussie doughnut lovers with old favourites, along with some exciting new treats including guilt-free options for the health conscious!

“We will be keeping the brand familiar while tweaking the quality and developing some fun new flavours,” Andros said.

“The overall branding will be the same, but we’re giving the stores and menu a little refresh.”

The Gold Coast local has vowed not to repeat the actions of the former Doughnut Time administration, which saw the company go into liquidation earlier this year.

“We plan on running our business differently, expansion will be slower than it was in the past and we will be focusing on a few key stores per city,” Mr Andros said.

PHOTO: Supplied

Melbourne stores will be next to launch after Queensland, with sites locked down in Degraves Street, Fitzroy and Hawthorne.

Sorry Sydney fans, you’ll have to wait a little while longer with stores planned for early 2019.

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