Doughnut Time will upgrade your FREE doughnut to a FREE DELUXE doughnut

Ok, so, there’s a doughnut war about to break out in Australia, and we’re here for it.

As you probably already know (because it’s awesome), tomorrow is World Doughnut Day! The best day ever!

And in wild celebration, Krispy Kreme Australia has vowed to give out 100,000 FREE doughnuts to us Aussies.


Yeah, we’re already drooling too.

What might not have clicked for you yet, is that there are HEAPS of HOLY doughnuts out there.

And us lucky Gold Coasters are getting a deal too good to pass up.

So here it is: Doughnut Time is looking to put its rivals (aka Krispy Kreme – the Gods) on notice, with their own one day offer for the doughnut loving community.

Go ahead and pick up your free glazed doughnut from KK tomorrow, then bring it on over to Doughnut Time straight away and TRADE IT IN for a DELUXE flavoured doughnut of your own choosing. WHAT?!

There are two locations on the Gold Coast to upgrade your doughnut: Coomera and Burleigh Heads. Better put a rush order on that transfer though, the offer’s only valid for the first 100 people.

What next, doughnut lords?

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