Dozens of Sydney residents left homeless after cracks in high-rise apartment building

Residents of a Sydney apartment block have been forced to spend the night in an evacuation camp after the high-rise building was declared unsafe.

Emergency Services were called to Opal Towers in Sydney Olympic Park on Monday amid fears the building would collapse after residents reported hearing loud cracking noises.

Around 300 residents were evacuated and a one kilometre exclusion zone was set up while the Sydney Olympic Park train station was also shut down.


A nearby childcare centre was also evacuated.

Those who couldn’t find alternative accommodation were taken to the Sydney Showgrounds to spend Christmas Eve with welfare groups helping them to find temporary housing.

Engineers spent Monday night examining a large crack on Level 10 of the high-rise with the building shifting two millimetres as a result.

Around 12.30am, most residents were allowed to return to their apartments, but 51 of the 392 apartments were declared unsafe, forcing residents to spend Christmas elsewhere.

Police escorted those affected residents back to their units to collect personal belongings.

The $165 million Opal Towers was only completed in August this year.

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And will anybody be held accountable for the faulty construction, never fully, the system in Australia is pathetic and geared to allow developers getting away from paying out anything
through legal bulls***. Simply wind up the company and start again.Hence the purchasers are out of pocket. As for the builders institution, it’s as useless as t**s on a bull. In my experience, they are r****s, that have no idea about how restitution should work. Being a member of a Claytons institution, seriously, might as well be run by Mucky Mouse. The government needs to insure that these developers have insurance to cover these buildings for at least 20years, of which the last 10
years are on a reducing scale based on the real estate value of the property. They will continue to get away with it as long as the politicians allow it too.