Dracula’s new show Spiderlash to open next week

DRACULA’S brand new show will have something for everyone to sink their teeth into.

The popular cabaret restaurant’s new production Spiderlash opens on Tuesday, and promises to spin a web of sizzling burlesque, graveyard rock, tummy clutching comedy and masochist madness.

Director Marc Newman said the show will offer a fast pace evening of vampire variety with a unique new spin.


“A complete departure from the typical bawdy theatre restaurant cliché, our new production will take the audience on a thrilling journey that combines a perplexing mix of side-alley circus, novelty comedy acts and graveyard psycobilly rock,” he said.

Featuring acts like the Antique Illusion of Gore, Aerial Chandelier, Satan’s Checkout, Spiderweb Fetish and INXS rock tribute, the show will be set to a live soundtrack and finish on a high with a aerial DJ set.

Cabaret all-rounders Richard Macionis, Rudi Testa, David Kume, Christine Ibrahim and Danielle Casson will join new cast members Stevie Mac and international artist Nicole James on stage.

Spiderlash opens at Dracula’s July 8th. Tickets start at $90 and can be booked here.