Dracula’s to export giant body to Singapore

draculas body 1EVER wondered what it would be like to travel through the human body? Well wonder no more.

The team behind the Gold Coast’s haunting cabaret show, Dracula’s, have revealed details of their latest attraction which will open in Singapore in June.

Known as the Human Body Experience or HBX, the 1000 square metre attraction allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be swallowed and processed by the body.


The adventure starts by crawling into a giant mouth, passing through the twisting tunnels of the throat and stomach, exploring the chambers of the organs before exiting out of the anus.

Unfortunately, locals won’t get the chance to take a look inside the gigantic body, as it will now be disassembled and shipped to Singapore’s Science Centre.

In a statement released yesterday, Newman Entertainment International said interest has already been received for similar attractions in Dubai and Brunei.

But the question is…..Do we want a body of our own on the Gold Coast? Let us know if you would like to check out the Human Body Experience in the comments below.