Drama in Mexican GP sees Ricciardo grab a podium finish

Australian Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo has managed to grab a podium finish in the Mexican Grand Prix on Monday morning despite crossing the line in fifth.

It comes after Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was penalised for his late-race defensive maneuvre that saw him block Ricciardo aggressively at Turn 4 on the penultimate lap of the race.

The pair nearly made contact at the corner but Vettel managed to hold on to what was at that time fourth place.


Ricciardo’s teammate Max Verstappen actually finished in third spot but was slapped with a penalty for gaining an advantage when going off the track, sending him to fifth.

However, his podium remained provisional as the stewards investigated his defensive driving, with both Red Bull’s Helmut Marko and Ricciardo himself saying Vettel had violated the very rule against moving under braking that had been recently implemented in response to Verstappen’s tactics.

Following a meeting with the parties involved, the stewards gave Vettel a 10-second penalty and dropped him to fifth place for changing direction under braking.

The penalty means Ricciardo moves up to third and Verstappen to fourth.

“The video footage, including the close circuit footage, the broadcast vision, both drivers’ on board cameras plus the telemetry show that there was an abnormal change of direction by Car 5 and this was considered to be potentially dangerous in view of the proximity of the wheels of each car,” the Steward’s statement said.

“The video evidence clearly shows that Car 3 had to take evasive action as a result. Accordingly as all three criteria have been met, the driver of Car 5 is guilty of a breach of Article 27.5.”

Lewis Hamilton was the winner of the race with his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in second.

Rosberg remains in pole position to claim his first world title with two races remaining.

The podium finish for Ricciardo now sees the Australian sit in third place in the championship standings, his best result ever.