Drastic spike in the number of Gold Coasters seeking urgent housing

It’s been revealed the Gold Coast housing crisis is worsening, with the number of people requiring urgent housing jumping drastically.

According to the latest data from the Department of Housing and Public Works, around 4543 people on the Gold Coast are seeking accommodation, up 25 percent on last year’s figure of 3615.

It follows a plea made last week by Mayor Tom Tate for the state government to do more to address the issue, amid revelations hundreds of people are sleeping rough across the city.


Mayor Tate said a lot of people were coming to the Gold Coast from around the state and country to access services.

“Paradise is for everyone, and it means homelessness is migrating here.

“We gotta put more solutions for this area than other areas, it’s not just the homeless here, its also because of migration,” Mayor Tate said.

The plea followed reports people as young as 12-year-old were sleeping in parks and public spaces, around the Southport area in particular.

The data from the Department of Housing and Public Works says vulnerable people in particular are now giving up on hope of finding accommodation, including women fleeing violent relationships.

Approximately 39 percent of the 4543 people currently waiting for housing are considered to be at a very high level of need.