Dreams do come true! Cadbury launches Neapolitan choccy block

If you’re a fan of Cadbury chocolate and Neapolitan ice-cream, then boy do we have some good news for you…

The two popular treats have merged to make one mouth-watering delicacy, and it’s fair to say 2021 is already off to a glorious start.

The new Neapolitan choccy block is tipped to hit stores next week, rivalling the top deck favourite and old school Triple Decker block.


Just by looking at the packaging, the sweet treat looks like it features a bottom layer of smooth Dairy Milk chocolate, topped with white and strawberry flavoured chocolate, so we basically get the best of both worlds!

PHOTO: Instagram | @foodfindsgeelong

The choccy is set to retail at $5 for a 178g block, while the 50g bar will likely be less than that.

Meet you at the treats aisle next week fellow sweet tooths!