Dreams do come true… You can now buy Cadbury Caramilk Philly Cream Cheese

Cadbury Caramilk fans unite.

This may just be the second greatest day of our lives… (The first was yesterday when Caramilk hit supermarket shelves, duh).

It’s been revealed that Cadbury Caramilk and Philadelphia cream cheese have partnered to create a tub of mouth-watering magic and it’s the heavenly food combination we never knew we needed until now.


A Caramilk fan came across the sweet $4 concoction during her supermarket run this morning and being the Caramilk angel she is, shared the life-changing news on social media.

“Woolworths, in with the other cream cheeses,” the woman wrote when asked where she found the caramel flavoured philly cheese.


It’s no surprise people are losing their minds over it.

“We ate it today as soon as it came into the store…amazing!!” one person commented.

“I will be eating this with nothing but a spoon from the container,” wrote another.


Others have expressed their desire to smother it on a toasted blueberry bagel, while some say it will make the most amazing cheesecake.

But anyone hoping to get their hands on this tasty masterpiece are being urged to do so quickly.

It’s available exclusively to Woolworths for a limited time only.