Dreamworld CEO resigns amid leadership reshuffle

DREAMWORLD has vowed to enhance ride safety and procedures, after confirming CEO Craig Davidson has not survived the recent Coroners Inquest into the 2016 Thunder River Rapids Ride disaster.

Mr Davidson has resigned and parent company Ardent Leisure has appointed a new leadership team to deliver Global Best Practice initiatives.

“Ardent Leisure today announced a significantly restructured Dreamworld executive management team to continue to bolster delivery of its drive to embed global best-practice in all aspects of theme park operations,” the company said in a statement on Sunday.


“The new team will further prioritise the ongoing implementation of … continuous enhancements in ride safety and all elements of safety systems and procedures.”

Recently appointed Ardent Chairman Dr Gary Weiss admitted he was “deeply concerned” by evidence of poor safety practices during the past fortnight.

“Like everyone else, I have been deeply concerned by what has emerged from the inquiry over the past fortnight, and this is why it is important that we listen to the evidence, understand all we can and apply the lessons learned to ensure such accidents never occur at our parks,” Dr Weiss said.

“We will continue to fully cooperate with the Coroner and counsel assisting throughout further Inquest hearings and implement all recommendations in consultation with Workplace Health & Safety Queensland and the theme park industry,” he added.

“We will never forget the events of that tragic day of 25 October 2016. I can only again say how profoundly sorry we are to the families and all those so deeply impacted by this tragedy. Every single member of our Ardent and Dreamworld team shares my deep sense of grief for what occurred.”

Nicole Noye, Ardent’s Group Chief Experience Officer, will step in as Acting CEO of Theme Parks while a global executive recruitment firm undertakes an international search for a permanent replacement.

The announcement today will see Ardent:
•Commit to the implementation of all Coronial Inquest recommendations in consultationwith Workplace Health & Safety Queensland and the theme park industry.
•Continue to implement safety initiatives across all the park including rides, attractionsand safety systems and procedures with ongoing support from external specialists.
•Appoint 3 highly experienced executives as it continues its drive to deliver global bestpractices across all aspects of its theme parks operations.