Dreamworld Inquiry: Questions surround the “culture of secrecy”

A lawyer representing one of the families of four people killed at Dreamworld in 2016 has questioned the “culture of secrecy” surrounding ride incidents, a Coronial Inquiry has heard.

Dreamworld junior engineer Gen Cruz returned to the stand this morning and was initially questioned about his role in overseeing the rides.

The court heard Mr Cruz was the only engineer at Dreamworld with tertiary qualifications and he wasn’t made aware of an incident where two rafts collided on the Thunder River Rapids Ride six weeks before he started working at the theme park.


The collision of the rafts was a key factor in leading up to the death of Kate Goodchild Luke Dorsett Roozi Araghi and Cindy Low on the Thunder River Rapids Ride in 2016.

Today, Barrister for the Araghi family Toby Neilson asked Mr Cruz whether there “was a culture of secrecy within the employees of Dreamworld regarding incidents that occurred on the rides?”

Mr Cruz did not answer the question.

A number of other Dreamworld employees will take the stand in this second sitting of the Coronial Inquiry.

Other staff members from the theme park have launched legal action against Dreamworld saying they’re still dealing with mental scars from the incident.

Shine Lawyer’s Tina Ibraheem is representing four former employees and says they have a strong case.

“It’s changed their lives,” she said,

“It’s changed their livelihood, it’s changed their relationship with their family. They’re reminded every single day of what they’ve seen, they cannot unsee it.”