Dreamworld names its adorable tiger cub!

THE nation-wide search for a name for Dreamworld’s super cute four-week-old tiger cub is finally over!

Putting his best paw forward,  the cub will step out from today as ‘Kai’ meaning ‘strong and unbreakable’ in Burmese and ‘victory’ in Chinese Mandarin.

The winning name was selected from more than 4,000 entries in a national competition run by the theme park last week over a five day period, one of the biggest responses the theme park has received to a competition of this kind.


Tiger Island Manager said Patrick Martin-Vegue said Kai was a fitting name for the cub as the next generation of tigers at Dreamworld – a ‘victory’ for the conservation of tigers as a species and for the future of Tiger Island.

“We were looking for a name with Asian or Russian origin given this is where tigers are found in the wild and Kai’s mother Nika was originally from Poland,” Mr Martin-Vegue said.

“We had some interesting entries – from Tony, Carlos and Larry to New Moon, Butterfly and even Choo-Choo, but Kai came up trumps based on its multi-language definitions and it really suits him.”

The winning name was submitted by a lady at Chrestmead Queensland (postcode 4132) who wins a a special meet and greet with Kai as part of Dreamworld’s VIP Tiger Cub Experience program which launches next month.

Kai now weighs 4.68kilograms  and has more than doubled in length since he was born at the park in July, gaining an average 100 grams a day.

“He’s teething right now so he’s a bit fussy with his milk but generally he’s having about 600mls across five feeds a day,” Mr Martin-Vegue said.

“Overall, Kai’s really healthy with a great temperament. He’s found his legs now so he’s very playful and super active and he loves any toy he can roll around with or chew, including his handlers sometimes.”

Dreamworld guests can see Kai in his Tiger Island nursery every day from 10am to 5pm. He will meet his adult counterparts on Tiger Island in early September.


The first cub born at Dreamworld in seven years, Kai is the offspring of Tiger Island residents nine-year-old female tiger, Nika, and 11-year-old male tiger, Raja. His birth on 25 July 2015 marks the fourth litter of cubs to be born at Dreamworld since Tiger Island opened 20 years ago.

A percentage of monies raised from all Dreamworld tiger experiences – including walks and photos –is allocated to the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) which directly supports key projects that actively work to save tigers in the wild. To date, Dreamworld has donated more than $2 million to wild tiger-related conservation projects, making Dreamworld one of the largest zoological contributors to tiger conservation world-wide.

Tiger Island is now home to 12 tigers (11 adults, one cub).