Dreamworld ‘profoundly sorry’ for theme park tragedy

Dreamworld has apologised for the Thunder River Rapids Ride tragedy as the inquest wraps up its first two-week hearing.

The theme park has issued a statement saying it’s “profoundly sorry this tragedy occurred.”

“We acknowledge that shocking and deeply concerning evidence has been presented at the Coronial Inquest.


We know that this has been a harrowing time for all, particularly the victims’ families. We are sorry that they have had to relive the trauma of that terrible day in October 2016.”

The first two weeks of the inquest has heard from many current and former staff at the theme park, many who were present on the day four people were killed.

The inquest heard today that the Thunder River Rapids Ride should not have been in service following a number of breakdowns in the lead up to the tragedy.

Engineering supervisor Peter Gardner confirmed the ride had broken down five times in the week before the fatal accident.

Counsel Assisting Ken Fleming QC asked Mr Gardner if “under your policy” the ride should not have been in service.

“No, it shouldn’t” Mr Gardner replied.

The theme park also acknowledged its staff who have had to relive the tragedy at the inquest over the past fortnight.

“We apologise to our former and current Dreamworld staff who have also been affected by this tragedy, some of whom have endured significant time as witnesses reliving the accident.

We thank them for doing their best to assist the Coroner,” the statement said.

Dreamworld says it remains committed to participating in the inquest and learning all it can “to ensure such tragic accidents are not repeated.”

The inquest has now been adjourned until October with a third session to be held in November.