Dreamworld tiger cubs take first steps through theme park

Dreamworld’s adorable sister cubs Melati and Mya have taken their first steps outside of their nursery today.

Mackenzie, Nathan and Hugo with Mya. PHOTO: Supplied by Dreamworld

The six week old cubs met some excited theme park guests during the adventure, with the pair set to soon meet some of their older Tiger Island family members.


Melati and Mya now weigh a healthy 5.6kg and 6.51kg respectively and have started making the transition from their nursery den to their new cub kindy precinct, which they will officially move into in the coming weeks.

The pair are growing quickly and, according to their handlers, have started to show their personalities more with Melati more outgoing and inquisitive than her sister.

The pair are drinking 500ml of formula across four feeds per day and gaining up to 1kg per week.

Al with Mya Pat with Melati. PHOTO: Supplied by Dreamworld

From tomorrow, theme park guests will be able to meet the cubs up close with the VIP Tiger Cub Experience. The program raises funds for tigers in the wild as part of Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation’s conservation efforts. To find out more, visit: dwf.com.au/