Dreamworld’s adorable tiger cub on display from today

Dreamworld’s super cute two-week-old tiger cub made his first public debut today, entering the comfort of his Tiger Island nursery for the first time.

With plush tigers to keep him company and heavy-duty chew toys for fun, the un-named male-cub will spend the next month in his nursery before he meets his adult counterparts on Tiger Island at six weeks of age.

Dreamworld guests will be able to see the cub every day from 10am to 5pm having regular bottle feeds and playing in the nursery throughout the day.


Tiger fans can also adopt the cub through Dreamworld’s Adopt-an-Animal program which raises funds to help save tiger in the wild through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation.

Tiger Island Manager Patrick Martin-Vegue said the three kilogram cub was very strong and growing quickly.

“He’s drinking six 100ml bottles of milk a day and is putting on weight quickly, about 100grams a day,” Mr Martin-Vegue said.

Dreamworld’s first cub to be born at the park in seven years, the cub is the offspring of Tiger Island residents nine-year-old female tiger, Nika, and 11-year-old male tiger, Raja. His birth on 25 July 2015 marks the fourth litter of cubs to be born at Dreamworld since Tiger Island opened 20 years ago.

Mum Nika is now back on public display in the Tiger Island Lair.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Tiger Island is now home to 12 tigers (11 adults, one cub).

Picture: Dreamworld

Picture: Dreamworld