Dreamworld’s oldest tiger Sita has died

Dreamworld is today mourning the loss of their oldest tiger Sita.

The 18-year-old passed away from Kidney Failure, Dreamworld confirmed in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Dreamworld team is today deeply saddened to announce the passing of our beloved 18-year-old female matriarch tiger, Sita,” Dreamworld’s life sciences general manager Al Mucci said.


“As the eldest member of our Tiger Island family, Sita has been a longtime favourite with our staff and visitors to the park, and our team here are understandably saddened by the news.”

Mr Mucci said Sita’s health rapidly deteriorated when she was unable to eat her food.

“As a result of her age, Sita suffered kidney failure and was unable to eat her food”

“Despite the best efforts of veterinary supportive care she did not respond to treatment and was in significant pain. After consultation with an external specialist feline veterinarian, Sita was put to sleep to avoid her suffering.”

Sita was one of the “Awesome Pawsome” born at Tiger Island in 1998 and has a sibling Rama, who is the only cub of the four, who remains at the park.

Mr Mucci said Sita will be remembered for her conservation work.

“Sita has been a phenomenal ambassador for the plight of the endangered wild tiger, with contributions from her tiger walks and guest photos going directly to funding tiger conservation efforts throughout the world.”

“Thank you Sita for being such an integral part of this conservation effort over the past 18 years. We will all miss you”.

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