Driver charged after cops find $200,000 cash in airbag cavity

A man has been charged after police allegedly found $200,000 cash stashed in the airbag compartment of his car during a vehicle stop in West Wyalong

Highway patrol officers stopped the man’s Ford Falcon sedan travelling south on the Newell Highway at around 10.50am on Friday.

During a search of the man’s car, officers allegedly located over $200,000 cash secreted in a cavity where the passenger air bag should have been.


The money was seized and will undergo forensic examinations.

PHOTO: Supplied

PHOTO: Supplied

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PHOTO: Supplied

The driver, a 64-year-old man, was arrested and charged with deal with property suspected proceeds of crime, and goods in custody.

He is due to appear at West Wyalong Local Court on 25 August.

Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley said that the CATCH program is working.

“The CATCH program targets vehicles suspected of transporting drugs and other illegal contraband,” Assistant Commissioner Hartley said.

“Since the inception of the program, over $110 million dollars worth of drugs, guns, cash, stolen goods, and other contraband has been taken off our roads.

“If you think you are going to get away with illegal activity on our roads, you can think again.

“Police are out in force, and if you are doing the wrong thing, we will catch up with you.”