Drink driver caught in the act in the latest Qld police crackdown

41 motorists have been caught drink driving in the latest Queensland Police blitz, one was literally drinking and driving.

Officers working under Operation Stopper carried out 17,766 random breath tests on Friday night and Saturday morning.

The highest blood alcohol concentration received from a motorist was 0.162 percent in Alice Street, Brisbane City, which is more than three times the legal limit. Another driver was caught drinking alcohol while driving.


Officers conducted 183 random drug tests with one in five drivers returning a positive test.

Police detected 52 speeding offences and three seatbelt offences as well over 150 other life endangering offences.

Road Policing Command, Inspector Ron Barry said overall police were disappointed with the results from the operation overnight and added there was still a clear need for continued speeding, drink and drug driving enforcement, particularly during the approaching festive season.

“The evidence is overwhelming in terms of the dangers of getting behind the wheel while affected by alcohol or drugs, combined with failing to buckle up, using mobile phones while driving and going faster than the speed limit. The consequences could be life changing or life ending.”

“Overnight we had 41 drivers who posed an unacceptable risk by leaving licensed premises or private residences after consuming alcohol and driving their vehicles with little regard for their own lives, the lives of their passengers or the lives of other road users,” Inspector Barry said.

Operation Stopper is a combined traffic and general duties operation and provides a high visibility policing presence to detect and deter motorists from drink and drug driving. The operation will continue across the state tonight.

“Police are committed to making Queensland’s roads safer and we would like to take this opportunity to remind all motorists that if you drink or drug drive, you will be caught anywhere-anytime.”