Driver accused of weaving path of destruction at Burleigh Heads

A young motorist will face Southport Court on Friday accused of leaving behind a trail of damage in Burleigh Heads.

Police say he crashed into a parked car on the Gold Coast Highway at around 11:20am on Thursday.  The impact caused that vehicle to crash into a second parked car.

The man then allegedly drove off before crashing twice into a grey car also driving along the highway. The driver of the grey car pulled over where it will be alleged the man has driven into the grey car a number of times causing the two vehicles to become locked together.


Witnesses who went to help the driver of the grey car say the other man had a knife.  While Police say the car he was driving was stolen.

PHOTO: Supplied / Geo Sarah

PHOTO: Supplied / Geo Sarah

A 20-year-old East Toowoomba man has been charged with enter dwelling with intent, unlawful use of motor vehicle, fail to stop motor vehicle, fail to comply with duties of a driver involved in a crash and give particulars to another driver or their representative, did drive UIL, dangerous operation of a vehicle and adversely affected by an intoxicating substance, driving of motor vehicle without a licence and going armed to cause fear.

He is expected to appear at the Southport Magistrates Court on Friday.